Oven Baked Pancakes
                                        "Our House Specialty"    $8.50

Add nuts to any pancake for $1.00

Topped with fresh-sliced apples, sugar- cinnamon
Topped with bananas, sugar- cinnamon

Orange Cranberry 
Fresh orange zest, sundried cranberries
topped with sugar- cinnamon

Wild blueberries topped with sugar- cinnamon

German Pancake
a hint of nutmeg served with powdered sugar and lemon

Buttermilk Pancakes     
We stack em hot and serve em
with whipped butter, syrup and powdered sugar
Gluten Free add $1.50

Seven Silver Dollar  $5.95
Three Classic buttermilk $5.95
Nutty  $7.25
Chocolate Chip $7.25
Orange Zest with Poppy Seed $7.25
        Toasted Coconut with Sun dried Cranberry $7.25
     Wild Maine Blueberry $7.25
  Fresh cut Banana $7.25
Orange Zest with Sun dried Cranberry $7.25
Fresh cut Strawberry $7.50
  Chocolate Chip and Fresh cut Bananas $7.75
Nutty Banana  $7.75
Nutty Blueberry $7.75

Malted Belgian Waffles;  Gluten Free add $1.00

Golden Brown Belgium Waffle $6.25

Chocolate Chip $7.25

Fresh cut Banana $7.25

Wild Maine Blueberry $7.25

Nutty Belgian $7.25

Fresh cut Strawberries and whipped cream $7.50

Nutty Blueberry $7.75

Nutty Chocolate Chip $7.75

Nutty with Fresh cut Bananas $7.75

Nutty, Chocolate Chips, Fresh cut Bananas $8.25

Strawberry, Chocolate Chips and whipped cream $8.25 

Favorite French Toast
Nutty Crusted French Toast   $9.25
Golden, loaded with chopped mixed nuts, strawberries, bananas, and powdered sugar

French Toast
Thick cut homemade challah bread dipped in egg batter topped with powdered sugar
Gluten free add $1.00    
Petite $4.95 add Strawberries or Bananas $5.50
Mini $5.95 add Strawberries or Bananas $6.75
Full $6.95 add Strawberries or Bananas $7.95

Petite (1slice) ; Mini  (2slices)
Full (3slices)

Combo Breakfasts  

Egg Beaters add $1.50  Gluten Free add $1.00
Add fruit or nuts to pancakes $1.00 

Two-by-Four*  $7.25
Two fresh eggs with four classic buttermilk pancakes

Sunshine Combo* $7.25
Two fresh eggs, two classic buttermilk pancakes
and choice of 2 strips bacon OR 1 plump sausage

Pigs in a Blanket $7.25
Two plump sausage links rolled in classic buttermilk pancakes

French Toast Combo* $7.25
Slice of fantastic French toast with two eggs and choice of two strips of Bacon or One Plump Sausage

Waffle Combo* $7.25
Golden Brown Belgium waffle withchoice of two strips of Bacon or One Plump Sausage
Add two Eggs  $8.25

Eggs and Potatoes* $7.25
Two fresh eggs, Home fries with green peppers/onions, and Toast

Bacon & Eggs, Ham &Eggs, or Sausage & Eggs*

Served with a choice :
Toast $7.25
Home fries with green peppers/onions $7.25
Home fries & toast  $8.25
Fresh fruit $7.95
Three Classic Buttermilk Pancakes $8.25

Build Your Own
Oven-Baked Omelette*  or Burrito
Three Fresh whipped eggs served with choice of
• Two pancakes OR
•   Home fries & toast OR,
• Fresh fruit

Substitute Egg Whites add  $1.50
Upgrade Pancakes with fruit or nuts for $1.00
With Gluten Free  Pancakes or Toast  add $1.00
Choose up to four ingredients
additional ingredient $.50

Onions, spinach, mushrooms, avocado, green peppers, tomato, herbs, green chillies
Feta, Monterey jack, Cheddar Jack, Provolone, Swiss
Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Chorizo

Orange ● Tomato ● Apple●  Cranberry Juice ●
Coke ● Diet Coke● Lemonade ● Iced Tea●Milk ● Chocolate Milk
Hot Chocolate ● Coffee
Hot Brewed Tea
Breakfast to Go!  Call in or takeout